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Dr. John M. Davis, III, DDS

Snoring affects the quality of sleep of every person within earshot including spouses, children, and other family members and obviously the snorer.

Dr. Davis takes snoring problems seriously because solving a snoring issue can mean all the difference for an entire family and even others that snorers have contact with in the course of their daily activities.

The lack of quality sleep can have serious consequences for spouses, children and other family members and the snorer all of whom due to the lack of a restful night sleep may experience:

Indeed, snoring is no laughing matter. Snoring is a very common problem and it can be a sign of other health issues. Common causes of snoring include but are not limited to:

An oral appliance can in many snoring cases be an effective form of treatment for the snorer in reducing and at times even completely eliminating a snoring problem. Oral appliances are form fitting dental mouthpieces that help to advance the position of the snorer's tongue and soft palate to keep the snorer's airways open.

Dr. Davis conducts a physical examination and collects the historical information of the snorer. Depending on the snorer's personal evaluation results Dr. Davis determines the best oral appliance needed to address the situation. Dr. Davis provides custom made comfortable and effective oral appliances.

It is also important for the snorer to understand that a snoring device while helpful and possibly a solution for snoring that lifestyle changes or health issues may be necessary to address, requiring the snorer to see other healthcare providers too. Hence while a snoring device can indeed result in a higher quality of sleep for the entire family there are multiple steps that a snorer can take in conjunction with a dental mouthpiece that ultimately may eliminate the need for the dental mouthpiece altogether. For example, if the snorer is obese then contact with a medical doctor for medical assistance with weight evaluation and weight loss program should be the goal. For example a deviated nasal septum contact with a surgeon for a full evaluation and a surgical correction should be a goal. While a snoring device is certainly a treatment course, the elimination of the underlying reason for snoring cannot be ignored by the snorer. The snorer will therefore always be encouraged to look at the larger picture and seek medical assessment and intervention especially if the snoring has an underlying problem that can be eliminated with medical attention. Meanwhile a snoring device may be the best tool for an entire family in their opportunity to function in a restful, peaceful, healthy, and happy manner due to a good night sleep and for other snorers the snoring device will need to be a permanent invaluable tool.

Dr. Davis recommends that all dental appliances be brought in periodically to be evaluated as to the integrity and effectiveness of the dental appliance at cost to the patient. A new dental appliance may be required when the integrity and effectiveness of the mouthpiece with time and use is compromised.

Dr. Davis' goal is to help the snorer achieve a more relaxed, more energetic and happier and overall healthier life and in so doing providing the ripple effect to all who experience a disruption in their lives by being within hearing distance of the snorer.

If you are interested in a snoring device to achieve a better night of sleep for both you and your entire household, contact the office of Dr. John M. Davis III, D.D.S. at (954) 941-3003 to learn more about how he can be of assistance to you.

Dr. Davis' office is centrally located in Pompano Beach, FL and serves patients that travel from across the globe as well as locally from Fort Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland and Boca Raton.

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