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THE WAND: Electronic Dental Anesthesia Delivery System

Dr. John M. Davis, III, DDS

The Wand is a computer electrical dental anethesia delivery system which is a gentle form of numbing a treatment site in a virtually painless manner. Dr. Davis is always in search of and utilizes all the dental tools available to make the dental experience a better one for his patients.

Dr. Davis recognizes that the thought of needing mouth injections causes anxiety for most patients. Some patients even experience such high anxiety to the point that dental care is avoided until a painful dental problem or infection forces them to seek dental care. When using the Wand instead of conventional syringes most patients have a surprising virtually painless experience. The experience is surprisingly so painless that patients are noted to be more receptive in returning to address any other dental needs requiring numbing a site for dental treatment way before dental problems reach a major crisis.

How Does The Wand Electronic Dental Anesthesia Delivery System Work?

The computer controlled dental injection system has a small computer tower with a handpiece wand or a pen like device with a needle attached to the end of it and some tubing runs connecting the computer tower to the handpiece wand. Dr. Davis first applies a topical anesthetic to help numb the injection site. Once numbness settles in, a foot pedal is presses on allowing the administration of the local anesthetic using the handpiece wand and for most people the experience is nontraumatic and virtually painless. Additionally, the pressure pain during injections is cancelled out and less tissue bruising and soreness occurs.

Dr. Davis' goal is to help patients enjoy the most healthy mouth and beautiful smile for a lifetime. Dr. Davis is committed in achieving that goal by making dental treatment for his patients as comfortable and pleasant of an experience as possible with all of the latest tools and devices.

For more information regarding the use of the Wand electronic dental anesthesia delivery system and related comfort measures at our office, contact the office of Dr. John M. Davis III, D.D.S. at (954) 941-3003.

Dr. Davis' office is centrally located in Pompano Beach, FL and serves patients that travel from across the globe as well as locally from Fort Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland and Boca Raton.

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