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COVID-19 Prevention Steps

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all who enter John M. Davis Ill, D.D.S./John M. Davis Ill, D.D.S., dental facility by doing the best we can pursuant to recommendations and statements from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) along with the state of FL Governor, Ron Desantis reopening of FL guidelines.

Patients and those concerned for them.often ask questions regarding what precautionary measures are being taken to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the facility. A multitude of precautionary measures are being taken within the facility from minute to in general precautionary measures. Listed herein are some precautionary measures that as listed tend to answer the most frequent made inquiries. However, even with all the precautionary measures that are being taken the risk of exposure remains a real risk and all the precautionary measures cannot eliminate the risk.

This office is limiting who enters the facility to essential entrees only.

1. Only the patient is permitted in for treatment and each patient is screened and body temperature is taken and must pass screening and body temperature must be within normal range before treatment. Note patients are asked to use masks at all times when not receiving treatment in common use areas.
2. If a patient is driven in by another party that is not a necessary for patient treatment then that party is not to come into the facility and should wait in the car or return later for the patient.
3. If patient has a healthcare aide, that healthcare aide will be permitted per patient need only and must at present have mask and gloved hands. Also the healthcare aide will be screened and body temperature will be taken and must pass screening and body temperature must be within normal range. A healthcare aide will only be permitted in treatment areas only as per patient need otherwise must leave treatment areas when patient is not in need of healthcare aide services.
4. Any legal guardian, parent, spouse, translator or other person needed in treatment area for patient treatment must be masked and gloved and will be screened and body temperature will be taken and must pass screening and body temperature must be within normal range. Also any party with patient will only be permitted in treatment areas as their services to the patient is needed otherwise must leave when not needed the treatment areas.
5. Appointments are scheduled such that one patient in the building at a time is scheduled.
6. Patients and/or any person entering the dental facility are asked not to bring with them any unnecessary items into the building includes unnecessary devices and may be questioned regarding the need for any item brought in and/or told to leave the building and place the item/s in their vehicle.
7. All delivery persons as posted at the entrance of the building: Fedex, Amazon, US Postal Service, UPS all forms of delivery persons are not to enter the building or use the elevator. They have a special area designated and are to press the button to inform that they have a delivery and may use the outside mail and package drop off bins to place the deliveries or to have door buzzed open to place package at designated opening. NO SIGNATURE will be given without masks and gloves and as much maximum distancing as possible to provide the signature.
8. NO SOLICITORS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED IN THE FACILITY as posted at the entrance of the building.
9. Dentist and staff body temperature is taken upon entry and before exiting the facility.
10. Lab Technicians in the building are screened and must be masked and gloved and body temperature taken and must pass screening and body temperature must be within normal range.
11. Lab technicians used are told to follow CDC/ADA/FL Govenor Desantis reopening of FL guidelines.

1. Hand sanitation station ungloved hands must be sanitized upon entering and upon leaving the dental facility.
2. Treatment areas, common use areas such as reception room and bathrooms, elevator, staircase railings, common door handles are cleaned between patients.
3. Treatment is done by alternating operatories between patients and 30 minute wait periods post breakdown of room (cleaning of operatory) before bring in another patient into the room.
4. Clipboards and touched items are cleaned after each patient use.
5. Credit Card terminals, desktops and computers are wiped down between patient contacts.
6. Reception area is wiped down after each patient includes seating.

1. The office has ultraviolet (UV) air filtration system.
2. Air disinfectant spray is used between patients.

1. Social distancing of 6 feet is not possible with treatment but is observed in no treatment areas.

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